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99. Chaotic (2005)

(Karlsson, Winnberg, Jonback, Bell)

Album: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic EP

Britney Spears didn’t officially release any new albums from late 2003 until October 2007, but it was an interestingly prolific time for her. Fans did see some new music released in the form of greatest hits compilations, remix albums, unauthorized leaks, and the Britney & Kevin: Chaotic EP that accompanied the DVD to the now notorious reality television show. Since her debut single, Spears had always inspired a media frenzy, the likes of which had rarely been seen. In the early years of her career, she seemed to shrug it off as a necessary evil of showbiz. Something changed in the Federline years where she seemed to derive energy from it (or at least make the most of the situation by embracing her inconceivable celebrity). “Chaotic” was created in that vein. The song’s production is as erratic as the title would indicate, adding to the catalogue of brassy dance-pop tunes she had built to date with Bloodshy & Avant. It’s quirky, sassy, and enjoyable, but not nearly as memorable as some of her other works at the same time. It is also irrevocably tied to the show that shares its name, which may leave some listeners feeling a certain way.

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