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96. Matches (feat. Backstreet Boys) (2020)

(Wise, Whiteacre, Tranter, Kirkpatrick)

Album: Matches – Single / Glory (2020 Deluxe Edition Reissue)

It was the stuff of 90s dreams – a duet between the hottest popstar and the biggest boyband of the era. It was a highly implausible notion back in 1999, when Spears seemed to have a closer connection to the Backstreet Boys’ rival band *NSYNC (for obvious reasons). Though delayed for over 20 years, “Matches” was a dream fulfilled for those with 90s nostalgia. It’s a fun, glitchy dance-pop track that harkens back more to the EDM craze of the early 10s rather than the bubblegum pop sound both acts were known for leading early in their careers. The song was released to Italian radio in late 2020 making it the belated 5th single from Glory. Though it could get some toes tapping, it’s neither Britney’s nor Backstreet’s most memorable track.

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