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90. Ooh Ooh Baby (2007)

(Spears, DioGuardi, Nasser, Coomes)

Album: Blackout

A combination of a Gary Glitter arena rocker beat, a melody from the Turtles’ sunshine pop classic, and the sleek but dizzy electro-dance production sounds like a mess on paper, right? The guitar intro might throw listeners off momentarily, but this raunchy midtempo jam is in the Blackout version of slowing things down a bit. Britney turns the word “baby” into an artform like she had a quota to meet, but she has enough different takes on it to keep things interesting. “Ooh Ooh Baby,” co-written by Spears, is a salacious earworm feels like a darker and grungier precursor to the similarly wonderful (and similarly repetitive) “Womanizer.”

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