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87. Out from Under (2008)

(Peiken, Birgisson, Hector)

Album: Circus

It had not been since 2003’s In the Zone that Spears had included a true ballad on one of her albums, which felt like eons ago at that point. The ballad in general had fallen out of vogue with pop audiences in the late 2000s, but “Out from Under” marked a welcome return to the genre for her. It is a very pretty track with beautiful tones and harmonizing from Spears. Both the melody and production are reminiscent of Duran Duran’s 1993 hit “Ordinary World.” It exudes a warmth and vulnerability that Spears had not showcased since her early albums. In a previous era, this would have made sense as a second single, but Britney remained focused on more danceable offerings in her subsequent releases, leaving this as an overlooked jewel on the Circus album.

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