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157. SMS (Bangerz) (2013)

(Garrett,Williams II, Middlebrooks, Cyrus)

Album: Bangerz

Now here’s a headscratcher. Miley Cyrus was out to shock when she dropped her fourth album Bangerz, and her IDGAF attitude resulted in some of her most adventurous tracks to date, though with some mixed results. The 80s-inspired electropop beat is reminiscent of early tracks from the groundbreaking hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa. Cyrus’s rapping is, well, all over the place, and Spears’s contribution is something of a high point. But the lyrics… this is probably one of the few times “acrophobia” has found its way into a pop song. Ultimately, the song offers nothing nearly as memorable or iconic as a classic like “Push It,” but it does gain points for its uninhibited fun.

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