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156. Pretty Girls (with Iggy Azalea) (2015)

(Astasio, Pebworth, Shave, Cottone, Azalea, Edwards, Nelson, Pinnock, Thirlwall)

Album: Pretty Girls – Single

Iggy Azalea was the (albeit briefly) the it girl of 2014 after her chart-topping success with pop rap track “Fancy” and its top 10 follow-up “Black Widow.” Spears teamed up with Iggy for this less effective “Fancy” re-hash written by The Invisible Men and English girl group Little Mix. Britney has some great ad-libs on the verses and during Iggy’s rap verse, but the weak chorus and all-too-familiar formula wore a bit thin. Spears and Azalea go full Valley Girl in the accompanying music video spoofing the Geena Davis flick Earth Girls Are Easy and showcasing some of Spears’s better post 2000s dance routines. Still, the mediocre song relied too much on the star power of its performers and will not be more than a footnote in either artist’s discographies.

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