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155. Heart (2000)

(Teren, Wilde)

Album: Lucky – Single / Oops!... I Did It Again (Deluxe/International Editions)

Certain territories may have remembered Oops!... I Did It Again as being a ballad-heavy record. For instance, the Japanese edition ends with five ballads, starting with “When Your Eyes Say It” and rounding it out with “Dear Diary.” “Heart” is the penultimate track there, but also served as the international B-side to Spears’s single “Lucky.” (Oddly enough, I first heard “Heart” as a track on a McDonald’s® promotional disc). This piano-driven song falls into the same category as other ballads on the record: sweet and competent, but distinctly less innovative than the punchier pop tracks. We won’t begrudge a bonus track too much for bucking an album’s theme, but “Heart” is probably not many fans’ favorite song. Her vocals sound lovely and particularly shine in the bridges leading into the chorus. But given the option between this doting ode to an important body organ and pop anthems like “Stronger” and “Oops!... I Did It Again,” I think people would be hard-pressed to favor the former.

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