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152. We Will Rock You (feat. Beyonce & P!nk)


Album: Pepsi Music 2004 (Dare for More)

Can we just take a moment a marvel at the star power of this television commercial? We have Britney, Beyonce, and P!nk as gladiators laying the vocals on this Queen classic while Enrique Iglesias (dressed as the emperor) and surviving members of Queen looking on. Being made for an ad, it’s a relatively short piece, with most of the intro being dedicated to the bangs and clangs of weapons that eventually lead into the song. Spears holds her own for the first verse, delivering her vocals in her trademark mid-nasal tone. The R&B beats that come in for Beyonce’s verse seem out of place, but she also sounds great. P!nk seems tailor made for this type of arena rock, really belting out her piece. Their vocals are all very distinctive yet blend very well together. It would have been interesting to get a full-length version of the song, but instead the audio was lifted from the three-minute ad, of which less than two are actual music. Still, the sheer star power behind the project makes for a fascinating artifact of the early 2000s.

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