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151. Rock Boy (2008)

(Hills, Araica, Parol-Gemza, Shimshack)

Album: Circus (Deluxe/International Editions)

For some of the masterminds behind some of Blackout’s best produced electro-dance tracks, this rock song seemed a bit out of left field. Rock is definitely a genre Spears can thrive in, but there’s something a bit discordant about this piece. On one hand it sounds like it wants to hit hard, on the other it comes off as cutesy and silly. If Britney is going to do rock ‘n’ roll, let her growl in her lower register, and maybe some mid belts in the chorus. Perhaps on some level Spears also felt this one was a little lackluster, opting to cover Alanis during The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour rather than sing any of her own rock-inspired tracks from the album.

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