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145. You Got It All (2000)

Updated: May 18, 2021


Album: Oops!... I Did It Again (Deluxe/International Editions)

“You Got It All” is an interesting and important track in Spears’s catalogue. While it only saw release as an international bonus track on her sophomore effort, her recording of the song dates back to 1997. Legend has it, this Jets cover is what convinced executives at Jive to sign Britney to a record deal. So for a song that is one of her lesser known, we are eternally grateful for its existence. And you can see what they saw. Britney has several impressive mid-range belts and vocal runs. Being one of her very first recordings, her voice lacks the signature Britney mid-nasal, raspy quality she began emphasizing on Oops!... I Did It Again, and therefore it probably would have been more at home as a …Baby One More Time track, as was intended. Though it may not be surprising that it did not make the cut on her debut album, as many of her own ballads are stronger than this one. Certainly no shade to the Jets; it just speaks to the strengths of Spears’s impressive debut.

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